Meet Your Skipper

Ahoy there, I’m the Signora Sheila, your Skipper on this journey – and I serve on the mission field of Italy with my husband.

Here at Staying Faith I endeavor to help believers navigate their lives with a firm and anchored faith, and to help fellow missionaries establish sound moorings in their new and confusing culture.

For it is only by being firmly anchored to Christ that we are enabled to serve with joy, purpose, and passion – and make our one brief life count for eternity.

Through the years I have had the priviledge of counselling and mentoring many believers who, despite their desire for a firm and solid faith, floundered in their spiritual walk. And still others who struggle to grasp how much the Father loves them and holds them firmly safe in his loving care.

He loves us more than we could ever imagine. And it is in the security of that love we can establish a faith that:

  • S – Stays strong through life’s storms
  • T – Trusts in God’s keeping power
  • A – Abides in Christ and his life-giving word
  • Y – Yearns to give all for his glory

A faith that keeps on going, and even grows stronger through life’s difficulties, trials, and sorrows!

Our Story

We set out with basically nothing. Just two kids and eight suitcases. No support base, no income or money in the bank, no property or assets, and very little cash.

We’ve moved over 50 times, north to south and east to west, mostly in Italy. Even living in a tent, a tarantula-infested camper (shudder), and an old chicken coop, so cozy the chickens kept returning! We’ve gone without, been abundantly blessed, and learned countless lessons along the way. And most of all discovered that God has been, and continues to be, good and faithful every step of the way!

Thanks for your visit – and I hope you’ll hop aboard my journey!

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